Key features for practices


By nature, Primary Care Exchange has been built to suit your local area, putting you in touch with more suitable applicants straight away. Thanks to a simple work history tracking scheme, an established PCE franchise will also be able to offer you a list of confirmed experience for each job seeker too, helping provide confidence in each potential hire.


Serious care has gone into making Primary Care Exchange’s suite of job posting tools suit medical professionals and save busywork. Got a collection of locum dates to fill? There’s no need to type up each one individually; just write the description and use our simple date picker to post a batch of vacancies all at once. Need a post filled urgently? We have a priority system in place to get that in front of our members’ eyes fast.

With free membership for educational providers and a dedicated system to promote local events, you can rest assured that Primary Care Exchange is enriching the talent pool at the same time as making it easier for you to find skilled workers. How’s that for a win-win?

Primary Care Exchange is full of ways to ease the admin burden of recruitment. Why type out point-of-contact details every time when you can save your frequently used ones to an address book? Why write up the same details over and over when you could just set up a repeatable template? In other words, who wants to be doing busywork when there's more than enough to keep you busy as it is?

Primary Care Exchange is built to be responsive, so whether you’re accessing it through your mobile or desktop browser, you’re sure to get the same high-quality user experience.
Our pricing structures vary by franchise, so find your local one to discover exactly how little access to all the above will set you back. But with prices as low as £1 per 1000 patients served, we hope you can clearly see the cost benefits when compared to other methods of recruitment.