Key features for jobseekers


By its very nature, your local Primary Care Exchange portal is pre-filtered to suit your geographical location, but our powerful selection tools help you target vacancies that precisely match the kind of work you’re looking for. And with one-click contact options on every job post, there’s no time wasted between finding suitable work and applying for it.


At the heart of your home page is a simple calendar that helps you see at a glance when work and training events are available. It’s perfect for picking up extra shifts on the days that suit you, and for staying connected to the wealth of opportunities that a Primary Care Exchange membership provides.

Once you’ve set up an account, we’ll use your preferences to send you email bundles full of new vacancies, local events and any notifications you need to see as frequently, or infrequently, as you’d like. It takes the hassle out of staying up to date with the job market.

Link another profile to your Primary Care Exchange account, or add your competencies to help future employers know what you offer. And with a simple system for tracking your employment history across PCE practices, your experience will speak for itself before you even write a word.

Primary Care Exchange is built to be responsive, so whether you’re accessing it through your mobile or desktop browser, you’re sure to get the same high-quality user experience.
Our prices vary by franchise, but none of our job seekers’ accounts cost more than £10 a month, and many significantly less. Find your local franchise to discover exactly how little access to all the above will set you back – it’s often less than a coffee.